Tumi Rabanye

Managing Partner & Head of Strategy at Leagas Delaney South Africa, based in Sandton Johannesburg.

With just over 20 years in brand strategy, Tumi has worked across broadcast, telco and financial services, to name a few. With a passion for strategy, what really intrigues her is the genesis of brands, the creative ideas that unlock those brands and make them top of mind for consumers; and how they stay there. Over the years Tumi’s adopted a view around long termism when it comes to entertainment brands and music specifically, understanding the power of music catalogue as a timeless asset. In the world of branding, we talk about finding distinction and brand saliency; these are brands that have stood the test of time. Tumi believes that music catalogue is a demonstration of brand saliency, for its power to maintain meaning in generations of audience’s hearts and minds, evoking a consistent take out throughout the years. As with any brand, starting with a long term goal in mind is key. Branding is a marathon, not a sprint