Muziwethu Mtshali

Shaping a Prosperous Future for Africa

Born and raised in the vibrant heart of Orlando West, Soweto, Muziwethu Mtshali is a dynamic force with an unwavering commitment to driving positive change. Rooted in Tswana heritage and proud of his Sowetan identity, Muziwethu’s upbringing amidst diverse influences has fuelled his unique outlook on life.

Muziwethu’s journey is a testament to his resilience and innovation. As the co-founder of MNM Creative Agency, he has orchestrated the harmonious blend of art and business for over 8 years. Through the platform Obrigado, he’s orchestrated lifestyle events spanning continents, uniting cultures and curating experiences that celebrate life’s finest moments.

Diverse as his interests may be, Muziwethu is also an accomplished DJ who has left his sonic imprint on both airwaves and audiences. Co-hosting Kaya FM’s Sound Supreme and curating the renowned “What is Wrong With Groovin'” brand, he’s demonstrated that music is a universal language that transcends boundaries.

Beyond entertainment, Muziwethu’s impact extends to entrepreneurship development. As the managing partner for Africa at Entreprenerdy, he’s been instrumental in empowering over 2000 young entrepreneurs, nurturing their self-efficacy, and fostering a spirit of innovation shaping the African business landscape.

Muziwethu’s philosophy is clear in the face of challenges: “Challenges are the pressure that makes us into diamonds.” His journey is a testament to his unyielding spirit and the incredible potential that lies within every obstacle.

Guided by a vision of a prosperous, equitable Africa, Muziwethu’s aspirations are grand. He envisions a continent where innovation and collaboration are the cornerstones of progress, a place where diverse cultures flourish and contribute to a tapestry of success.

Muziwethu Mtshali is more than a name; he embodies the transformative power of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community spirit. His story inspires us to dream bigger, reach higher, and work collectively towards a brighter future.

Connect with Muziwethu: (Instagram) @muzi_moema (LinkedIn) Muziwethu Mtshali (Facebook) Tha_Muzik